Assemble your robot squad, construct their AI and send them in the battle arena to see your strategy play out.
Iterate, improve and repeat until you outsmart all your opponents and friends online.

"After maybe 15 minutes of Tutorial, the concept is clear, yet even after years you can still come up with new ideas, no one thought of so far."
"Gladiabots is pretty much programming without having to remember the syntax. I recommend you try it out."
"Nothing better than a game where your team does exactly what you tell it to do."
"Gladiabots has a level of depth and complexity that will keep the right kind of stubborn logician busy for months"
9/10 - Metro UK
"With a simple structure, game provides rich contents for players to show their talents in logicial thinking and programming"
8/10 - Gamersky
"Games like SpaceChem, Perfect Paths, and TIS-100 have abstracted programming into challenging puzzlers, but the upcoming Gladiabots will let you test your programming skills in the arena of robotic warfare."